‘Sandlot’ Movie Returning As TV Series With Original Cast

“The Sandlot” cast

The ’90s classic film”The Sandlot” is finally coming back to the screen.

Sandlot director David Mickey Evans lately demonstrated during an appearance on the podcast Rain Delay  that soon they will be coming to a tv set near you and they will be bring back all of the original cast members from the film.

Even people who do not enjoy baseball enjoy the storyline, set in the ’60s, in which an outcast boy discovers his place in a new neighborhood with new friends through pick-up ballgames.

Evans, who recently announced a movie prequel was also in the works, said the TV series will be set in 1984, according to SlashFilm.

The film ended with a series showing where the boys ended up – but Evans does not say whether that’s exactly the exact same storyline that the TV show will accompany.

Source: lifereports

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